London Women’s Cycle Ride: Birds on Bikes – The Route

About 150 or so cyclists took part, some in fancy dress.

There were mostly women but a few men turned up, some as marshalls. Some of the men dressed as women.

We had a great time, making a lot of racket with whistles or ‘chatting about bikes and stuff’ and storming down Trafalgar Square.

The freebies went down very well (wonderful Lush products, a WW2 book about women who had a part to play in it, a free gym pass, Lush perfume and some Glow Sticks).

Some motorists wanted to know what the ride was about.

One woman had a brilliant flowery bicycle pannier. Very stylish. I quite fancy one of those. Wonder if she got it from Cycledelic?

I wonder if the International Women’s Day ride will ever feature in a Single Male Dominated Cycling mag? It will be in London Cyclist no doubt.

Thanks to LCC for organising it. What did CTC do?

The route took us round many women’s interest memorials and places:

1. Monmouth Street – Women’s Hospital (near the Seven Dials)
2. Eleanor of Castile (1241-1290 – Wife of Edward 1 (near Charing Cross)
3. WW2 Women’s War Memorial
4. New Queen Victoria Memorial (The Mall)
5. Queen Victoria Memorial (Buckingham Palace)
6. Emmeline Pankhurst, Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster
7. Boudicca & Coade Stone Lion (near Westminster Bridge)
8. Theatre Royal (in the 1660s actresses appeared for the first time on the British Stage)
9. Waterloo Bridge (Built largely by women)
10. Bloomsbury Group (Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell) Near Gordon Sq
11. Louisa Aldrich-Blake (of the first women to enter medicine)
12. Hilda Doolittle, American Imagist, poet & novelist Mecklenburgh Sq
13. Vera Brittan (1892-1970) Writer and Journalist shared a flat at 52 Dought St in 20s’
14 Persephone Books (reprints by women)
15. St Barts Hospital (1850 where Elizabeth Blackwell trained as a doc)
16. Margaret McDonald statue, Lincoln’s Inn Fields
17. Emily Faithfull’s Victoria Press, 83 Farringdon Street

Let’s look forward to the one in 2010!

I have done a short video on it

Unfortunately my embedding is not working but I have put it on Youtube under Cyclepod1


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