Lord ‘Freed early’ on Appeal

Can you believe this? Yes, this the British ‘Justice’ system at work. Of course this Lord will be welcomed back in the clutches of the Lords again. It is a right shambles.

From Yahoo:-

“A Labour life peer who sent and received text messages minutes before he was involved in a fatal motorway crash has been freed from his 12-week jail sentence by the Court of Appeal.

Lord Ahmed, who was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court on February 25 after admitting dangerous driving, was not present for the ruling by three judges in London.

The 51-year-old peer was involved in an accident which left a man dead on the M1 near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, on Christmas Day 2007.

The sentencing judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, made it clear his text messaging had finished two minutes before the accident took place and was not connected to the collision. Lord Ahmed has served 16 days in prison and was due to be released on March 20.

Allowing the sentence appeal, Lady Justice Hallett said the imposition of a prison sentence in his case had been justified”.

But she noted that Lord Ahmed had now “all but served his sentence, which to our mind was not excessive”. Because of the “exceptional” personal mitigation in his case, the court was able to take the step of suspending the 12-week jail term for 12 months, she said.

However, the decision sparked criticism from road safety campaigners”.


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