£20,000 gent’s bike at Science Museum Exhibition

This will get the lycra cyclists taking sickie’s off work, and cancelling dates at last minute:-

From RoadCyclingUK.co.uk (go check it online to see what it looks like)

“….. the Factor100 could be the most advanced bicycle ever seen”.

Developed by Beru, an F1 components design company, the Factor100 uses the very latest technologies from motor sport and aerospace.

The bike is made from carbon fibre using the same modelling and analysis software used to design F1 cars, weighs under 7kg, and features on-board computers, performance monitoring systems, GPS and radio integrated into the handlebars and elsewhere in the bicycles. Beru adds that the Factor100 “…can correlate biometric data from the rider, physical force data from the bike and environmental data,” to change the way athletes undertake fitness training.”

The bike will be at the Science Museums ‘Fast Forward: 20 ways F1 is changing our world’ exhibition which open now until 5 April.

If you get one, better not leave it left on a bollard next to a supermarket like some dozy Tory ‘once-a-week’ cyclists do. Otherwise it will be someone’s bounty at Brick Lane.

I wonder what kind of bike lock goes with this bike? I don’t even think my bike shop stocks a bike lock for it. I think it only has locks for about sixty quid. That’s not gonna help much, is it? Particularly not in London.

And, and why is it yet another bloke’s bike? Sexism again.

Are we women cyclist invisible?


Going back to that company who had the 24 carat gold bike. They still haven’t replied as to why they haven’t bothered to make any women’s bikes. This company is so arrogant they don’t even want to reply to me. That’s not very good business sense. In fact, it’s rather poor customer relations.

Maybe the CTC should get on to them and find out why they’re so blatantly sexist?

Blimey, you get women Chelsea Pensioners but you can’t get a ‘decent woman’s bike’.

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