Environmental Transport Association (ETA) – for vehicle & cycle breakdown cover

Found this very interesting site that covers vehicles and cycles. I have also included the link on my site.


“What is the ETA?

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) was established in 1990 as an ethical motoring organisation and sustainable travel lobby group.

The ETA is now Britain’s largest charity focused on transport and the environment.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of excessive car use and help individuals and organisations to make positive changes in their travel habits.

We are an ethical organisation – our green transport and environmental projects are funded by the revenue from the services we provide and donations from individuals.

If you support our aims, please support our work

Our campaigning for sustainable transport includes:
Green Transport Week launched in 1992

National Car Free Day – a global event inaugurated by the ETA

Research into environmental transport issues

Green Car Buyers’ Guide

Green Car Awards, for sustainable development in motoring technology

Slower Speeds Initiative founder member

Breakdown recovery for cyclists

Support for national road pricing

Offsetting our business and your travel”

This is some info on cycle insurance:

“The most COMPREHENSIVE cycle insurance on the market for only 32p a week!

£1M Third party insurance
Personal accident cover
FREE Cycle Rescue
FREE ‘Get you home’ cover
Cover for theft, accidental damage and vandalism
90 days’ European cover
New-for-old replacement
Up to 40% no claims discount
All from 32p a week”

Just Cycle Rescue:

A unique service which gives cyclists similar breakdown assurance to motorists. If you are unable to complete a journey, we will take you and your cycle to a railway station or cycle repair shop. We will, if preferred, take you home or to alternative accommodation if either are nearer. You can use this service after an accident, theft, vandalism or irreparable breakdown of your cycle. This service only applies if you are more than one mile from your home. Giving you piece of mind no matter where your cycling adventures may take you.

If you also require insurance for your bicycle(s) note that our cycle insurance includes the base Cycle Rescue service free of charge.

Rest-of-Europe cover
You can extend your cover to include up to 90 days European cover within your membership year.

Puncture repair
You can also extend your cycle rescue to include puncture repair cover. You can also take out puncture repair cover in Europe.

Type of Cover Price
Cycle Rescue £34
Cycle Rescue & Puncture Cover £50
Cycle Rescue & Rest-of-Europe £60
Cycle Rescue, Puncture Cover, & Rest-of-Europe £76″

What do you think? It’s not bad is it?

and this is what they said about the speeding Earl today clocked at 125mph:

“Earl banned for speeding

The Earl of Yarborough, Charles Pelham has been fined and banned from driving after being clocked at 125 mph.

Lord Pelham has been fined £600 and will serve a 90-day driving ban”

The ETA say:

“The case for speed limiters

The ETA has long held that all vehicles should have variable speed limiters fitted as standard by law. Initially, like the parking alarm these can be switched off manually but each time the engine is started the system is automatically switched on.

After a while most motorists would find these devices acceptable, thenceforward all new cars would have speed limiters which could not be switched off. However, as with cruise control, the driver could press through the limiter to pass above the speed limit.

You might think that allowing the driver to effectively deactivate the limiter would defeat its purpose. However, allowing such a level of driver control would help its earlier acceptance. In any case, every time the vehicle returned to below the speed limit the limiter would become active again and the driver would have to consciously push above the limit should she/he wish to do so.

Studies have shown that, even on multi-lane highways, it does not need many speed limited vehicles in a stream of traffic to affect the speed of the other vehicles too”

In the Independent on 31 December 2008, Edmund King of the Automobile Association, said with regards to speed limiters

“The best speed-limiter is the driver’s right foot and we need to educate ourselves to use it appropriately.”

I have written back to the ETA asking to be included in their newsletter, details of jobs going for any of my readers, and how their company compares to others, bicycle competitions and benefits to members, both motorists and cyclists.

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