Andrew Boff, London Assembly Member

Now he is a member of the Conservative Party and note his interest in:

“1(a)(ii)(bb) – Details of membership or holding a position of general control or management in a charitable body:

Broadway Market Trader’s and Resident’s Association
RCC Youth Club Management Committee
Regents Estate Community Hall Management Committee
Friends of the Earth
National Trust
London Cycling campaign ”

Yes, that’s right the London Cycling Campaign… is it any wonder why a Great cyclists’ blog like ‘’ isn’t on their links?

I was also surprised that the LCC were ‘gushing about Waltham Forest’ and the wonders of the cycling facilities, many of them, a child of 10 wouldn’t be able to use safely.

Some possible good news though.This what Waltham Forest Guardian said on 10th March 2009 about the Waltham Forest leader Clive Loakes:

“Loakes tight-lipped about decision to quit

CLYDE Loakes has declined to speak to the Guardian directly about standing down as council leader in May.

In a statement issued by the Labour group, Cllr Loakes said: “Our annual general meeting process is clearly laid out and nominations for the leadership close on April 24.

“We are not intending to conduct the election process through the local newspaper.”

Sources close to the authority’s Labour and Lib Dem-run administration have revealed that Cllr Loakes will not contest the Labour group leadership, preferring instead to concentrate on his bid to become the MP for Northampton South.

Cllr John Macklin, Lib Dem group leader, whose party are in coalition with Labour, welcomed Cllr Loakes’ decision.

He said: “I think he needs to go so the council can move on.

“It enables closure, otherwise there is a danger the Labour group members will focus on jockeying for position rather than improving services for residents.”

Cllr Matt Davis, Conservative group leader, said that he hopes Cllr Loakes’ departure is motivated by his future parliamentary ambitions and is not to escape the ramifications of the ongoing enquiries into the mismanagement of Better Neighbourhood Initative (BNI) funds”.

In view of the fact that Crap Waltham is not linked with the LCC and the fact that many London cycle paths are poor and dangerous, I am removing the LCC’s link on my London Cycling Blog. As I feel my membership of them is ‘going down the pan’ I am considering cancelling my membership. Drastic stuff! I feel that London has got more dangerous for us cyclists now and I don’t have any confidence with the LCC.

Let’s see how LCC stop us getting motorcycles in bus lanes permanently…


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