London:Fossil Fools Day 1st April – Direct Action

Direct Action from Earth

“FFD is only five weeks away! We know of various affinity group actions around the UK but thought we’d upload some inspirational public actions you can get involved with on the April 1st and some resources to help inspire you to take action in you local area.


12 Noon

Help build a Camp for Climate Action in the City of London.Stopping carbon markets – because nature doesn’t do bailouts. Meet at the European Climate Exchange, Hasilwood House, 62 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AW.

Bring a pop-up tent, sleeping bag, wind turbine, mobile cinema, action plans and ideas … let’s imagine another world. Don’t let the financial and fossil fools make the rules!

For more details visit –


For reasons unfathomable yet deeply pleasing, BP* has chosen Fossil Fools Day to celebrate its centenary. This will take place at the British Museum, where the not-so-great and the far-from-good will quaff cocktails, snaffle canapes and watch a celebratory film. And Rising Tide and Art Not Oil will be there too, between 6-7pm, to say ‘Your Party’s Over!’ Bring banners, musical instruments, a sense of climate justice and a nonsense of foolery. Meet at 6pm at the British Museum’s Gt. Russell St. gate. * BP = Burning Planet, British Plunder, Bloody Profits, Broken Promises,Boring Parties, Breathtaking Protests and..? Send your unravelled acronyms to”

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