Blackspots on Streetview

It could be quite ‘interesting’ for residents to show newcomers to the area what Walthamstow Forest (or other London borough) is really (well reasonably bar airbrushing), like by photographing crashed cars (with a bit of the surroundings) at blackspots on certain streets (with the date and times).

Boris keeps ranting on about how great Streetview is, and yes it is, it will actually show people what a place is really like, not what the Council, Tfl and estate agents lead people, ie suckers, to believe. Let’s see the dead or live rats, old mattresses, rubbish, graffiti and stuff falling off council houses.

People should also see the ‘great cycling facilities’ London is supposed to have. They can also how much of the Cycling Superhighway has started.. or rather has not started at Aldgate.

I think Streetview should be added to all Council Websites and any website where people want to know ‘the truth’.

I particularly like the comments section you can put by the photographs 🙂

I have been on it for a short time and already have seen lots of congestion and rubbish. Yes, tourists may want to visit another country instead. Who wants to be run over or gassed with toxic air or even deafened? Who wants to see filthy buildings when they should be white?

Maybe Streetview is a way of getting the Councils to face their responsibilities (and some of the residents for that matter). Maybe London will improve.. who knows?

One of the benefits of Streetview is to see how congested a place is and try and cycle along better, perhaps more picturesque cycling routes.


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