Finally, a letter from London Buses about the 381 driver

How many weeks, months or even years was it? Hmm, maybe the driver doesn’t even work there anymore. Still, I suppose they have several complaints about bad drivers, so I can understand ‘a bit of a queue’.

Unfortunately, they got the date wrong, so I have to go back and do a bit of digging. They have clearly lost my original complaint. Remember I took 3 copies – I had one, the Customer Service London Bridge ‘box’ had one and so did the HQ.

(update: from trawling my blog, the incident happened early in January not March as they had said).

“Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.

I was very disappointed to learn of the incident you describe that took place. As the public face of London Buses, our drivers are expected to behave in a polite and professional manner at all times. In addition to this, our drivers are obliged to adhere to the rules of the road. Parking within an Advance Stop Line (ASL) is unacceptable behaviour and I acknowledge that the driver’s rude attitude contributed to increase your dissatisfaction. Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf off the driver in question.

You will pleased to know that I have contacted Travel London, who operate route 381 on our behalf. They will endeavour to identify and interview the driver in question about his conduct, following this up with appropriate action in line with their internal procedures. For confidentiality reasons we cannot release details of an interview and any subsequent action taken. However this matter will be taken very seriously to ensure it does not happen again.

Let me assure you that we are totally committed to providing a first class service. Feedback from the public is very important in our continued effort to improve the level of service we offer”.


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