CTC Cycle Mag- now Brilliant!

This mag arrived the same at as the LCC’s London Cyclist!

I have to say that a couple of journalists wrote an excellent tjhree page article on Bad Drivers and Road Safety and at times, blasting the Police (for not getting the right witnesses) and CPS for being. Well done for also tackling the rubbish legal system.

I liked also the fact that they said it wasn’t just about drunken motorists we were worried about, it is about just bad driving in general, even mentioning things like bad drivers not leaving adequate space for us.

I liked the fact that they said that good drivers don’t stop at ASLs at traffic lights.

I was also very interested in the statement they made that traffic police are 20% down! Yes, that’s right – down. In view of the appalling driving, more cars on the road and numbers of vulnerable people dying we need ore Traffic police not less.

Well done CTC.. and oh, about time too! They’re coming out of the mothballs!

It is brilliant. I shall keep reading it again.

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