I’ve just received my LCC bike mag

On the bright side they had two pages of Cyclejumbles.. reported on my other blog Now these have been knocking around for years but few cycling magazines have covered them. I am pleased, that at last, there has been more coverage. Especially, as Evans, which has a massive ad on the back page of their mag, is very expensive and often doesn’t have good stuff for women cyclists. I never go to Evans unless there is absolutely no choice. I don’t know what its ethical policy is either.

LCC state in their magazine,when talking about Boris’ plans ‘much more needs to be done to enable existing cyclists to travel more safely and also to attract new people’…

Yes, such as making the cycle paths safer – one thing for a start, just making them WIDER and not putting things like poles right in the middle of it…etc etc. Yes, a whole lot needs to be done and not ‘ignored’.

The blueprint is on and feedback can be made by sending an email to

Puncture kit (that’s the guy who has been on this blog a while ago with the ‘bike drums’) has got a mention in the magazine too. Better late than never!

I am pleased to see that there is an ad at the back that supports ethical bike clothing. I will certainly have a look at those.

Another thing is that they have mentioned ‘Traffic – by Tom Vanderbilt’… also mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago.

I may keep my membership going on at LCC just so that if you are a customer ‘there’s power’.


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