Pavement Parking & Haringey Council

From the Haringey Council website:-

“What action does the Council take against pavement parking?

If you park a vehicle with one or more of its wheels on a pavement, or verge, and the area is not exempted from the ban, you risk receiving a Penalty Charge. The pavement parking ban applies at all times, including night time, weekends and public holidays.

There is no exemption from the pavement parking ban for Blue Badge holders.

Why is pavement parking a problem?
Pavements are constructed and provided for pedestrian use only. Vehicles parked on pavements are:

a hazard to pedestrians. A vehicle may cause an obstruction that may result in a pedestrian having to step off the pavement onto the roadway and therefore put themselves in danger.

a hazard to wheelchair users or pedestrians with pushchairs.

A vehicle parked on a pavement may restrict the width of the pavement and make it difficult to pass safely, and may result in that person being forced to step onto the roadway to avoid the obstruction.

a hazard due to the damage to tarmac or paving stones caused by driving on and off the pavement.

Reporting problems

We welcome reports of:

dangerous or unauthorised parking
overnight lorry parking

other parking problems.

When you telephone the Parking Helpline our customer assistant will try to handle your enquiry in full but for certain detailed information or action it might be necessary to transfer you to a specialist officer; alternatively we can arrange to call you back.

If a vehicle is parked in front of a single use access with a dropped footway, the Council may take action. Please contact us on 020 8489 2102.

All other situations of obstructions are dealt with by the Police”.

Please call the Parking Helpline on:

Tel 0845 073 1234 or 020 8489 1234 (Please call between 8am to 6pm Mondays and Fridays or 8am to 8pm Tuesdays to Thursdays)



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