Edmund King, AA President & Cyclist, is now on Twitter

He is under ‘AApresident’ on Twitter.

I wonder how many ‘cycling followers’ he’ll have? (This may unnerve some motorists!)

Anyway, according to their latest blurb, the AA is apparently going to help and make the roads safer (blimey, the AA IS improving, though the snag is, of course, that it only applies to newly qualified drivers, not some of the arrogant motorists who have been driving for donkeys years, think they know-it-all, who have a string of rotten habits, convictions, killings and disqualifications but, indeed, it is a start). Oh, and it is not compulsory either.

Actually, I wonder if the AA take on members who have wiped out pedestrians including children, cyclists and/or other motorists? I expect they have to but these lawless drivers certainly don’t deserve to be covered by them. Maybe the RAC can have the bad ‘uns, like a kind of car breakdown association ‘dustbin of dross’?

From the AA:

“Free Drive Smart training in safe and fuel-efficient driving
As part of our efforts to make our roads safer, we’ve set up the AA Charitable Trust for Road Safety and the Environment. This new charity offers training to newly qualified drivers to help them improve their driving skills and safety.

Drive Smart consists of two one-hour sessions with a fully-qualified AA driving instructor. A supporting workbook will take you through home study before your in-car sessions, and you’ll be asked to practise between sessions to get the most from your training. The course is focused on improving your driving safety, as well as helping you to become a more fuel-efficient driver.

So if you’ve passed your test in the last 12 months and would like extra training, this could be right for you – especially if you’ve had a motoring offence or been involved in an accident. Or if you’re a parent whose son or daughter has recently passed a test, consider letting them benefit from this training”.

Now what would be good, is if the AA reward motorists who drive well, ie have no driving convictions or have taken the Advanced Driving Test. Maybe they do this anyway. The driver could belong to some kind of ‘exclusive’ Premier Club (to get rid of the ‘dustbin factor’) which rewards good drivers with discounts, even Tesco shopping vouchers so that will encourage the passenger(s) to make them drive properly too. It is in their interest to drive properly.

Good drivers are proud of being good drivers. My friend is an Advanced Driver and he loves showing off his badge, and why not? Of course, if the motorist gets a conviction, down the slippery slope he or she goes.

In the bad ol’ days when I had a car, that always broke down on the motorway and in the middle of no-mans-land, and belonged to the AA I don’t recall any yearly ‘questionnaires’ on the standards of my own driving. Maybe my insurance form was attached. I can’t remember. It was along time ago but I know I had no ‘major’ benefits liking clothing or shopping vouchers etc, whatsoever for having no convictions after having driven for over 15 years.


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