Update on Blackbox for Speed Terrorists

Further to news that broke out many years ago, the Daily Mail has reported that all new cars may be expected to have one:-

“End to speed cameras: The black box could be installed in all new cars from 2013

Drivers face having their every move tracked by a ‘spy in the car’ black box.

The system will constantly check a vehicle’s speed – making cameras redundant – and allow for pay-as-you-go tolls.

The £36million EU project is partly funded by the UK Government and backed by car makers and the telecoms industry.

It will be unveiled later this year with a view to its integration into future cars. Manufacturers suggest this could be as early as 2013.

Vehicles fitted with the system will emit a constant ‘heartbeat’ pulse revealing their location, speed and direction of travel.

EU officials believe the technology will significantly reduce road accidents, congestion and carbon emissions.

But civil liberties campaigners say it will have profound implications for privacy by creating a Europe-wide system of Big Brother surveillance.

…..Engineers say the system will be able to track cars to within a yard, making it significantly more accurate than existing satellite navigation technology.

The system allows cars to ‘talk’ to one another and to roads wired up to the system. A communication device behind the dashboard transmits the car’s location every half a second.

The messages are transmitted through mobile and wireless networks, as well as on short-range microwave or infrared routes. Vehicles will be able to warn each other if they are on collision course.

The location data will also be picked up by roadside detectors and mobile phone towers. That will allow traffic lights to turn green when vehicles approach”.

I think this would be a good thing – providing it is compulsory.

Speed terrorists may whinge about it but they only brought it upon themselves.

Looking at the comments on the Daily Mail’s website, it comes as no surprise that some want to ‘destroy’ the blackbox. Others whine about their ‘freedoms’ (ie to drive dangerously and run over people in the process (perhaps even fellow Tories), and ‘it’s just another tax’. It must be ‘jolly sad’ if their sports cars can’t whizz round narrow country lanes without being tracked by ‘Big Brother’. How will they cope if they are watched like a child?

2013? Let’s bring it forward. Let’s get these louts (from any political party as speeding covers everyone) off the road and meanwhile think of heavy penalties if they tamper with the blackbox (yeah, another tax brought upon themselves) not to mention the time police have to waste filling extra forms instead of being out on the beat (catching burglars at their mansions) or if they get anti-social youths hanging round their property…


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