Having come back from Sunny & Scruffy Olympic London (passing the odd US athlete at Stratford walking around, with his 2004 jacket on, exploring Stratford), I ended up, at my ‘favourite’ place London Bridge.. and grimaced at the many lawless motorists and motorcyclists dangerously parked on the Advanced Stop Line for ‘Cyclists Only’.

However, there was a shining example of Good Driving by one motorist… and believe it or not, it was a black cab (Reg beginning with P14..)

I was so shocked at his Impressive Driving Skills, I was thinking of knocking on his door straightaway and telling him what a Brilliant driver he was (but thought that would be too OTT).

I get a bit sick and tired of seeing Diabolical Driving, which is even more worse than provisional standards on London’s roads, that I was ‘a bit overwhelmed’.

So ‘overwhelmed’, as he nipped into the Taxi rank, I thought I would have a ‘quick ‘ol word’.. After all drivers love to know how good they are (the ego and all that), (after all, all the really rotten ones think they’re perfect).

Anyway, turns out that the reason why he was so Brilliant (with a Capital B), was that he was a cyclist, a mountainbiker, and he ‘understood’ how we tick because he was one himself. He was also a motorcyclist. He thinks most of the time cyclists are good to him. He says he likes to take pride in his driving and he was pleased to hear from he how good he was. I said that good drivers are respected by us. He said he was fed up with bad motorists as well and told me a few stories.

One of the stories I mentioned of Bad Driving was one that happened to me only this morning in Leytonestone at a Chobham Road mini-roundabout (yes, that one again). Approaching a junction I turned right (used clear hand signals) as per Highway Code, as I cycled on the correct way of the roundabout, the motorist behind me, yes, behind me, chose to ‘overtake’ by driving on the wrong side the the roundabout, so I found this lawless motorist dangerously driving on the side that the French do, and suddenly on the road in front of me. This motorist did not want to wait for me to complete my move at the roundabout. He could have gone into me as I was heading for the same road as him.

I did try to catch up with him but he was too fast. I wish I had my helmet cam on then. We had a good laugh about his bad driving.

In fact, he was so pleased, he promised to do his best ‘to look out for me’ on the roads, and he hoped ‘he wouldn’t cut me up!’.

So it pays to speak to good drivers. I know it is one motorist at time but that one motorist could be one that gives you space.


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