Extreme Violence Today: Lorry driver mows down woman at Elephant & Castle

Another case of lorry terrorism on London’s toxic roads:

From the SE1 Community Website:-

“The collision between the pedestrian and a lorry happened just after 3pm on Wednesday outside the entrance to the Bakerloo line tube station where London Road meets the Elephant & Castle northern roundabout.

The London air ambulance landed at the roundabout but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

And, as is media tradition, it talks about ‘inconvenience to road traffic’ (but, being pro-motorist, it doesn’t state whether pedestrians or cyclists can go through (I did the other day in Sevenoaks when there was yet another accident and the police said I could go through the police tape – so much for ‘road traffic’ not being allowed in).

“Road closures in the area have led to severe traffic congestion and delays to bus services”.

At 4.15pm police were advising motorists to avoid the area for the rest of the afternoon”

But of course, it will all back to normal in the evening, lorry drivers, with lorries built for motorways, can do exactly the same thing later. Of course, they won’t be banned. The bigger the better. Yes, nothing will have changed to reduce dangers of lorries on the road and future lorry terrorism – Business as usual.

No doubt the judges will say that the pedestrian was ‘negligent’ for not wearing a helmet even though it isn’t compulsory for a pedestrian?

I feel sorry for the family and the emergency services who have to deal with this type of thing, once again.

In the book ‘Traffic’ by Tom Vandabilt it was saying that the WHO say, in the future, road accidents will be one of the most causes of death, much more so than it is now and this incident is just yet another towards that whopping statistic.

Will this be on the front pages of the broadsheets tomorrow?

No, it will probably ‘be about money’ again or will have some other pointless celebrity from the US (or other pointless celeb).

Interestingly enough, the stats for this post went skyhigh. So maybe the papers should put stuff on lorry terrorism on their front pages! Everyone is sick of reading about Myelene Klass anyway.

Update 9/4/09 from the Evening Standard

Witnesses told how the woman became trapped between railings and the near side of the truck as she turned the corner at the same time as the vehicle.

A restaurant worker who saw the accident, and did not want to be named, said: “She tried to come inside the lorry as it was turning. I don’t think he saw her at all because she was right at the back.

“But she was crushed under the rear wheels. It was an awful sight. She was still conscious at first, but really badly injured and bleeding heavily.”

“Arthur Courtney, 62, who was drinking at the Rockingham Arms when the collision occurred across the road in Newington Causeway, said: “I don’t think it was the driver’s fault.

“She came in at the back just as he was turning and he couldn’t have seen her.

“There was something on her head, but I can’t be sure if it was a helmet or a hat.”


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