Evans brings out a range of ‘Cyclist Camoflague’

The ‘Age of Stupid’ again!

Further to crapwalthamforest.blogspot.com’s post on the ‘brainy bunch’ at TFL endorsing a camoflague clothing range at Evans for cyclists:

“Evans customers who are “daily cycle commuters, who they don’t classify themselves as cyclists, they’re just normal Londoners getting to and from work”.


“The gear from bspoke is perfect for these people – something that is functional and fashionable both on and off the bike. We’re predicting strong sales as this range really does fill a big gap in the market.”

As some cyclists don’t consider themselves as cyclists, even though they regularly cycle on London’s toxic roads, these ‘non-cyclist cyclists’ would rather not be seen at all, with colours of black and beige. It makes sense doesn’t it? They want to get run over as well?

Evans say their clothes are ‘functional’: The Highway Code recommend ‘you should wear appropriate clothes for cycling’ …. which helps others to see you in daylight or poor light”. That’s why this cycling shop is endorsing ‘black’. Hello? Anyone at home?

I still can’t get over ‘black’, and blasted beige is awful too, plain, dreary and gets superfilthy easily and on a muggy day or any day for that matter, it merges into the dull urban landscape of London. If you want to feel depressed, wear beige! Of course beige will discourage other people from taking up cycling too. I can imagine anyone saying ‘Wow, what a fabulous beige jacket you have?’.

With my own jackets I get compliments all the time from non cyclists and cyclists alike.

Evan’s jackets don’t even have any pattern on it either. These are the types of clothes you can get in Petticoat Lane, although, perhaps worse than that, at least they will have a choice of colours!

When I ‘don’t want to look like a cyclist’ I choose bright feminine jackets, bright pink and black/white for example. If it rains, I throw on a stylish pac-a-mac which can be seen miles off by motorists, and yes, some are nice. But black (worn often with black trousers) and beige? You are kidding. They are better off going to Top Shop to a buy at least, a colourful jacket.

I can’t be sure that these cyclists, who don’t want to look like cyclists, will want to wear any fluorescents either. I was like that myself but you can still be stylish and look good.. so don’t go to Evans, unless you want to get mowed down by a motorist. And what will the judge say when you get run over, cyclist wasn’t wearing bright coloured clothing in poor daylight….?

And the prices of a bulky beige Womens Angel Jacket

RRP £129.99!!!!!

For that dosh you could get loads of jackets in different colours too. What a rip off. How many cyclists can afford that, particularly in a recession?

Write to them at: http://www.evanscycles.com and http://www.bspoke.cc.


5 responses to “Evans brings out a range of ‘Cyclist Camoflague’

  1. All a bit Drab looking,the Beige stuff is at least bright looking.
    You would want to use Black Trousers to Tone down the Beige. It mentioned 3m Reflective Strips I wonder what sort of Brightness they are like. The Jumpers are not bad looking in Black. Pity there is no Jackets in Red or Green or even Yellow.
    Would I Wear their Stuff,I prefer Normal Clothes myself just Ordinary Jackets Jumpers and Trousers there stuff seems to Sports Orientated in style .
    Most of the Professional Commuters on Bikes,those I always see Winging their Way Home wear Ordinary Clothes with either Florescent Jackets or Sam Brown Belts.

    I like wearing Ordinary Clothes in the Daytime but at Night I try to wear something Bright particulary when I get outside the City Centre where the Lighting is often not to good.

  2. As a further aside I would say they look mostly like Golfing Jackets,yes perfect for Driving around in your Electric Golf Car.

  3. I think they look like clothes have ‘gone wrong’ in the wash, well, those beige one anyway.

    War on Beige!

  4. Yes, they do look like motorist clothes…

  5. I don’t know why they haven’t made them in different colours. As a cyclist I don’t want be drab. I need to be seen. Ordinary clothes are fine if the motorist can see you and you don’t get soaked. I don’t really trust those reflective strips either, may the motorist only sees them when he is tailgating.

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