Photographing members of armed forces & intelligence services

The Age of Stupid

Section 76 of the ‘Confusing Counter Terrorism Act’ – the saga continues as the Daily Mail print more stuff on it today.

So we aren’t supposed to take photos of them. So what about tourists watching Trooping the Colour, the Royal Tournament and the Guards outside Whitehall? How do we know whether those pics will be ‘useful for dodgy people?’. What about taking a piccy of the Queen who has various links with the Armed Forces and, of course, Prince William? Will there be no tacky postcards with soldiers on in London?

How on earth can photographers tell if someone is a plain clothes police officer, someone in the army wearing civvies or an undercover intelligence officer? Does that mean we have to make pictures of buildings and hope that there isn’t a bloomin’ reflection of a police officer in it? Do photographers have to be psychic or do they have to ask ‘Er hem, excuse me, but are you a plain clothes police officer or a member of the intelligence, it’s just that you look rather like one with your shiny boots?’. Even ‘communicating information’, whatever that means is supposed to land you in jail, longer than a lawless motorist. Does that mean no one can talk about certain police involved in serious road accidents either?

Apparently photographers could be banged up in jail for up to 10 years.

I bet everyone’s stocking up on spare tooth brushes, razors and good books for a long stint in jail.

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