Aldgate: Motorcyclist in Cyclist’s Advanced Stop Line (ASL)

In Aldgate, where they have finally got round to painting, or in some places, ‘half painting’ the ASLs for cyclist. All that effort to help us.. and just look who is on it? Yes, a lawless and very selfish motorcyclist.

In fact, there was another one, right on the ASL, in front but unfortunately my digital camera went all funny so I ended up using my mobile phone instead to take a photo of the other. Furthermore, on the road previously, there was yet another motorcyclist on an ASL. That’s three. What about us cyclists?


Surprisingly, many motorists, did not park on the ASL. Motorcyclist seem to think it belongs to them.


2 responses to “Aldgate: Motorcyclist in Cyclist’s Advanced Stop Line (ASL)

  1. You have Nice Big ASL’s we have only a few in Dublin and they are not Coloured, and guess what nobody takes a blind bit of notice off them.

    I think they believe that the City Council likes to put Dercorative Stripes on the Road to Brighten up the Streets.

  2. Actually, not many are coloured, but this ASL was a very nice surprise. But it still doesn’t make a difference. Bright colours don’t seem to put off these motorcyclists.

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