What is this on one of the most dangerous roads in London?

A poster to get more people cycling and keeping fit.

This was just by Aldgate where there is no cycle path, the road is heavy with lorries and concrete mixers and where vehicles regularly use our ASLs.

There were more of these Get Cycling posters along Bow where cycle paths are extremely narrow. This road also has motorcyclists using the shared bus/cycle lanes either legally or illegally. It also has a huge amount of fatalities.

There is still no positive sign of the ‘promised’ cycling superhighway along this road that money was supposed to be put towards. Where are the decent facilities for cyclist? Give them to us and we will cycle more.

Sure, I can see people being tempted to cycle. When did you see a cyclist smiling at Aldgate?

Not only did the bus stop by Aldgate have this poster to encourage us to get healthy it, there were several ads for junk food such as an adverts for Magnum, a fattening icecream and Coca Cola.



One response to “What is this on one of the most dangerous roads in London?

  1. Those Bad Accidents involving Cyclists over the last few Days is enough to put a lot of People off Cycling especially at Rush Hour.
    They have to make it Safer for Cyclists so they can Cycle along without having to Look over their right Shoulder all the Time when they Hear a Bus or Lorry Rumbling behind them. That means Dedicated off Road Cycle Lanes everywhere throughout the Country.

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