Road Violence: Motorist ‘loses control’ near Wolverhampton & 3 killed

    The Saturday Times today had a barely two inch paragraph on Page 27 of the news of three people who were killed when their car ‘somehow’ crashed into a garden over Easter.

    The tiny article, said the vehicle ‘lost control’. Yes, that ‘handy word’ again. How can a car ‘lose control?’ According to the Daily Mail, the road conditions were poor.

    As cyclists, we know that when there is bad weather, more often that not, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to the motorist. They think ‘ rain = less cars on the road = so let’s speed”. Many motorists do not understand that they have to drive to the conditions. It does not mean drive over say, 60mph in rain or other bad weather.

    The rather lazy and recycled titchy Times article did not state if the road was a local blackspot (A449 north of Wombourne), and perhaps was something that the council had done nothing about.

    Incidently, there were two photos on Page 27 – one of a pheasant and large one of some men, dressed in tweed, shooting pheasants and then a big article on pheasant shooting parties accompanying it. On page 11, even more importantly, there is a big photo of ‘a wabbit’ and a chick. Blimey, the Times is like some kind of child’s comic. It is hard to know to know what section of the Times I’m reading, an adult’s or the child’s supplement.

    Road death news only warrants a paragraph in The Times, the same as the one about ‘a missing vulture, but a pheasants. ‘wabbit’s and chicks are Big News.

    What next? A white mouse on the front page?

    Update: on the A449

    Turns out that the A449 is a 70mph blackspot and you guess right, residents have complained about this dangerous road before: (What a ‘preventable’ surprise).

    From a local website (undated):

    “Safety review pledged on A449
    An accident blackspot in Wolverhampton which has claimed two lives in as many months was today facing a safety review as police named the latest driver to be killed on the stretch.

    Jagjit Singh, aged 51, who is from the city, was killed just before midnight on Saturday when his silver Peugeot 406 hit a telegraph pole along the A449 Stourbridge Road near Wombourne.

    Today police vowed to hold talks with Staffordshire County Council following repeated demands for traffic calming by residents.

    There have been at least 12 serious accidents in recent years and people are now calling for the 70mph speed limit to be cut”.


3 responses to “Road Violence: Motorist ‘loses control’ near Wolverhampton & 3 killed

  1. The Problem is Car Drivers cannot feel the Road as they are locked up in a Comfortable Metal Cocoon. Whereas Cyclists feel every Lump and Bump as when the Road is Slippy or there is a bad Camber on the Road that Drags you to one side when you are trying to go in a straight Line.
    However if you are an Intelligent Motorist you will allow for bad Conditions like Rain or Bad Bends and Drive Accordingly.

    These Accidents seem to be just single Car Accidents with no other Vehicle. Suggesting the Motorist was Driving to Fast to make a Bend and instead of Turning with the Bend they went in a Straight Line and into an obstruction.

    That would suggest a bad Bend in the Road or the Road was Misaligned with a Dangerous Camber forcing a Driver to go in a straight Line if they were going to fast to compensate for it.

    Most People driving at a Sensible Speed Drive Safely and do not crash into Walls and Poles.

    That Speed Limit is to Fast for an ordinary Road that is not an MWay 70 MPH, 40 is Fast enough 30mph even better. What if there was a Cyclist passing by or Pedestrian on the Pathway that got Hit as well.

  2. Over here most bad Accidents are given more Coverage in our Newspapers and on Television. Smalller Country so more Parochial, People Worry about Accidents more.

    They say The Driver Lost Control of their Vehicle and not the Vehicle lost Control. If the People Died they Tend not to give an Explaination why it Happened but if they Survived then it will be said why they had Crashed.

  3. I find it curious that when you look at govt statistics of RTAs, the police very rarely attribute the cause to excessive speed but seem happy to accept a “defence” of “lost control”.

    There is no reason cars can’t have “black box” data recorders. Maybe one day…if we ever get a govt with enough courage…

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