Freedom of Information Act exposes dangerous driving by Police

An excerpt from the Sunday Mail today:

(I am more surprised that the Mail actually published this article than the ‘shock’ of the police driving badly despite specialist training).

Turns out that there were a whopping 1881 complaints and unsurprisingly, just 3 prosecutions.

“Police forces have been swamped with complaints from the public about motoring offences and unruly driving – by their own officers.

Using a mobile phone at the wheel, parking in disabled bays and stopping on double yellow lines to pick up a takeaway pizza or use a cash machine, have all been alleged against officers in marked police cars.

Others are said to have performed dangerous stunts, not worn seatbelts and chomped on chocolate bars and sandwiches while driving”.

Some of the things I have seen the police doing:

1) policeman driving along Trafalgar Square using a handheld phone
2) Seeing a crashed police car in East London (no other vehicle involved)
3) Policeman doing a U-Turn, nearly running me over, at a junction (I reported this to the police and MP).
4) Misbehaving on Youtube. The public have videoed them.. which now, ironically, is against the law.

I haven’t seen any policewomen driving badly though. I wonder what the ‘gender-breakdown’ was?

Well done to all the members of the public who complained.


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