Allow Cyclists to Turn Left at Red says Boris

An excerpt from the Guardian:-

“Cyclists in London will be able to legally run red traffic lights if plans by Boris Johnson, the capital’s mayor and a keen cyclist, get the go-ahead from the government.

Johnson has written to the Department for Transport (DfT) to moot a pilot scheme that would allow cyclists to turn left at traffic lights, even if they are on red, as long as they give way to pedestrians. Currently, cyclists can be handed an on-the-spot fine of £30 for running lights.

If the pilot proves a success, the law could be changed nationally. Similar practices are standard in other countries: in Germany, where traffic travels on the right, right turns on red are permitted for all vehicles when a specific sign is present.

and it goes on to say:-

“Transport for London (TfL), chaired by Johnson as mayor, has written to the transport department outlining plans to improve and increase cycling in the capital, but has yet to submit a formal proposal regarding turning left on red.

A spokeswoman for the DfT said: “To allow for cyclists to be exempted from red lights a change to the current legislation (the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002) would be required. This would need to go through the appropriate parliamentary processes before it could take effect.”

and some cycling groups say:-

“the idea was dismissed by the UK’s cycling groups as unrealistic and designed to divert attention from cuts the mayor has made to elements of the cycling budget for London.

Roger Geffen, the campaigns and policy manager of the national cyclists’ organisation CTC, said: “I would be happy for cyclists to turn left on red if there was a way in which it could be done by meeting pedestrians’ needs, but it doesn’t make any sense dreaming up policies that are never going to happen.”

He said Johnson had axed plans to redesign roundabouts at Elephant and Castle where one of the cyclists was killed”.

I think it is a good idea overall, but cars and motorcyclists will have to get off the cyclists’ Advanced Stop lines too.

I do agree with the cycling lobby in that it was Boris who didn’t want to redesign the Elephant & Castle area in the first place. He takes some responsibility for not preventing the killing of the woman cyclist if the roundabout would have been designed by 2009.

Oh and where were the comments by the London Cycling Campaign? I’ve just had a look at their website but I can’t see a single thing on ‘their News’ about Boris’ proposals and their comments in the press. I thought they’re supposed to be ‘be out there’ campaiging for us. If you see any comments from them, let me know. Don’t they have a 24 hour Press Officer?


3 responses to “Allow Cyclists to Turn Left at Red says Boris

  1. It is a great Idea but could be Dangerous, It would have to be thought out properly. You could be hit by Traffic that has the Green coming from your right Hitting you. They should possibly put a Yield Sign for Cyclist stating Yield to Traffic and also Pedestrians. No matter what they do ,Human Nature being what it is you will always have Cyclists ,Cars, and Pedestrians,doing Stupid things, like Driving or Walking on the Road when they shouldnt.

    This is not always done on purpose ,sometimes they Absentmindedly have a Lapse of Thought and just step out or Drive where the should not.

  2. It is a great idea but very slow in coming isn’t it?

    BTW I just read that there are more motorists in Dublin than ever before.

    My brother is just in Connemara by the way.

  3. At Rush Hour it can be Dangerous as they are Rushing about not really minding what they are doing . Then there is the School Run in the Morning at 8–9am and 12.30am and 2.30 pm when the Roads get blocked up. There are Lines of Cars waiting for their Children to come out of School in the Early Afternoon.

    At my Local Park,a New Phenomenon now they are Bringing their Children to the Playground in their 4+ 4 s mostly. These are all Local People who Live within a Half Mile Radius and could easily Walk. This is usually between 2 – 4pm when they come Home from the School and give the Children a Meal then it is off to the Playground. You will generally find this all over the Country no matter where you go.

    There is also a whole lot more People Cycling as well,Commuting and also for Shopping and Pleasure. A few People Cycling to the Schools with their Children ,also some Older Children on their Bikes going to Schools.
    But the Schools do not have much Facilities for Parking Bikes.
    We have had some Rainy Weather for a Week or so I hope your Brother is getting a bit of Sun down in Connemara,but it is not really Cold just Wet. Galway is a very Lively Town,Great Area to Visit,get Him to go over to the Aran Islands if the Sea is not to Rough.

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