Happy New Year

I cycled to work on New Year’s Day. There were no cyclists about probably because no one, with any sense, would be working so early. I was very nearly knocked over yesterday, it was amazing I was here at all.

The roads were really clear though there was plenty of ice around. No lorries about – good. I saw a little bit of snow but nothing that would stop me from cycling at all.

Wasn’t it bad over Christmas? I don’t think I will ever forget the Winter of 2009 and the lack of gritting. There were apparently some ‘council cock ups’.

I will be away for a few days… sadly without the bike. I am visiting my boyfriend’s mother. She will be picking me up from Manchester by car.. but luckily she is an advanced driver – what a bonus. I am still not looking forward to the drive with all the nutters on the road.

I will get getting there by coach, not something I like much, as I ‘like to be in control’.

I think J’s mother will be taking us to places so I don’t expect she will be wanting me to take photos of Advanced Stop Lines over there!


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