New Year New Bike

Due to complications ‘beyond my control’ I have a brand new ladies bike. It even comes complete with a rack and mudguards. I can actually wear a skirt with it. It also comes with a basket. (BEAM).

Already motorists are slowing down behind me – I look like a ‘vulnerable girly cyclist’ . Well, I may as well make the most of it.

It has only recently been out for a short spin, a little difficult because of the snow and ice recently. But at last I took it to London again, after several weeks away from the City.

It was odd to be back in London. It was almost like ‘foreign soil’ as I hadn’t been to London for about four weeks. But it was good to be back.

Things must have happened though in the meantime, I saw more and more motorists actually stop on the Advanced Stop Lines. Is it because there are more cyclists on the road that ‘we are finally making a presence’ or is the media giving us some better publicity for once, helped by the Evening Standard.

Unfortunately on one of these virgin trips round London I managed to lose my lock. I had put it on the back of my bike and I think it wasn’t locked properly. It’s probably is somewhere along Holborn. Luckily I had a D lock.

However, in London I don’t think one lock is secure enough. I ended up trying to buy another Abus cable lock but the bike shop suggested I buy some bolts for my quick release wheels instead which was a cheaper and apparently better option. It cost me £27 to get one of my wheels secured can you imagine? (and they’re not made of gold:-). It comes with a special card and ‘key’ which looks like a bolt. We shall give it ago then and see if anyone tries to nick it.

I have also engraved most of my components, including the wheels in case some scumbag tries to pinch it. I’m ‘not going to take no chances’.


3 responses to “New Year New Bike

  1. I seem to be Logged on already,if you can read this.
    Losing ones lock can be Expensive,with me I just left mine behind at Home when I went into Town at Christmas to do some Shopping. I had to go off and buy a new one like you.I now have a nice little Collection of Locks.
    I am glad you are back Blogging again ,the new Bike has given you an impetus to start Expunging on the joy’s and Sorrows of Cycling in London Town.

    A lot more People are Cycling now and demanding better Facilities and because of all the recent fatalities mostly Women Cycling on London’s Streets and the Criticisms Leveled at the GLC. They are starting to take notice and reluctantly slowly improving things.

  2. I have put in a New Link on my Blog Roll levieenvelo.blogspot .com to yours so dont forget to drop by every so often to see what is happening in the Emerald Isle as Regards Cycling.

  3. Yes, I read you loud and clear.

    Yes, it is good to be back. I am not sure where it will take me but well it has to be done!

    I think things are more alive in the cycling world at long last. Even CTC are coming back from the dead.

    I will have a look on your blog from time to time, you can also send me a link on FB too…

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