Wot no bike?!

Believe it or not, I didn’t take my bike up to London the other day. I used my feet.

The trains had a bus service for part of the way and you know how ‘it is up to the discretion of the driver’ to allow you to take a bike. As I was working, there was no way I would take that risk. My fold up isn’t tiny enough to take with me by my seat. (I am still yearning for a Brompton:-).

Maybe at weekends. when I have to work, I won’t take the bike, as I don’t trust National Rail Enquiries – they are wrong about 70% of the time. I asked for Liverpool Street Station and they kept on rabbiting on about Liverpool, that was just one of the stupid things they did!

But luckily they were correct about Liverpool Street Station to Stratford actually running well, otherwise, I would have definitely missed an early start at work. With all the enginneering works, my normal journey, taking an hour or so, took two.

I love weekends.


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