Cyclist ‘computerised’

I thought I would never take a computer with me on my bike. Never!

In fact, I just laughed that a cyclist could be ‘tied’ to one of those things. Who wants to study the stock market on a bike?

On a bike ride, cyclists should be free from all that technology, just let them stick to ‘normal stuff’ like speedometers.

I saw a cyclist few months back sitting on the London to Hastings train, tapping away on his computer. I thought what a sad git. Maybe he is ‘lonely’. I suppose it was especially sad seeing a cyclist using one of those cumbersome laptops. How can anyone cycle over potholes with one of those? Muggers would love to grab his panniers too. What a bonus!

Well I am going to be come one of those ‘gits’ or rather ‘gitesses’. Over the last year my life has been revolving round a computer, for various reasons. I only have one at work and at home so I am ‘stuck near them’. So long rides have been out as ‘I want to be within easy reach of a computer’. God, is this an addiction or what?

However, now I write zillions of blogs (ranging from cycling, books, art and hotel life) and now I am back on this one. Jeez! My blogs keep growing. Writing is now a fact of life. It is a kind of therapy – better than drink and drugs.

I am even thinking of writing a book with one of my blogs. I am also a bit of a ‘newshound’ in my ‘other life’ and I like to be ‘on the scene’ with ‘Now’ photos. And of course I want to catch up with cycling blogs, which I have been somewhat neglecting due all the stuff I am up to.

But now with the advent of Twitter, I find that it is a godsend for up-to-date travel news: For example, if I want to find out that the hell is going on with the trains on South Eastern, I don’t always bother with reading their ‘corporate lies’ on their website but I check out the real ‘rail disasters’ on Twitter, to see what state London Bridge station is. This was particularly invaluable during the snowy weather when London Bridge station was closed suddenly for a few hours and the South Eastern website couldn’t keep up with the news. I could plan my journey properly or decide not to go at all.

I also like the idea of helping other travellers with useful info with Twitter. Like my blogs, I have zillions of Twitter accounts too on various subjects. With Twitter, it was quite fun to establish a rapport with other travellers, even though you have never met them in your life at all. I suppose we all had the same bond ‘we all want to bloody to get home’ but how can we do it? Well, let’s ask our Twitter ‘friends’ for sneaky ways out of this mess?’

Another thing over the last month or so, is that I have started to use Skype, which is great although I have only one person on it so far. I don’t like phones much but I like Skype because you can hear properly and see a real person. I hope to get more people up and running on it but it won’t be too many as it can be quite time consuming.

But there’s another thing. Computers are much smaller now and much easier to carry. And they aren’t so easy to be spotted by a mugger. Although, to be honest, I won’t take it with me all the time, well, not to dodgy areas – just in case, you know, what madness East London is like at night.

So tomorrow I am off to PC World in in East London to get a funky netbook. All fun and exciting, and horribly sad, but sod it.

2 responses to “Cyclist ‘computerised’

  1. Good on your! The netbooks are amazingly small and don’t cost very much. Also good to hear you are blogging all over the place!

  2. They are certainly ‘neat’ as the Americans say:-)

    My one is really light, much lighter than some of the more expensive netbooks too. Also on the bright side, they also make cyclists ‘look cool’ and ’21st century’. We are ‘state-of-the-art now – even on my girly ‘shopper/commuter’ bike:-)

    My battery is supposed to last for four hours, which is quite reasonable, although some people have said it can last as long as 5 1/2 hours which is great for a long ride.

    Whilst motorists get into trouble watching a film on the computer in their car on the motorway (fools!) we can just stop at a suitable moment, anywhere to blog or just download a video immediately of their rubbish driving or watch a film (legally). It makes cycling a lot more fun particularly for lone cyclists like me too.

    As I like to draw it will be fun having a netbook with me, something to listen to whilst doing that.

    It will also be handy if I get lost and I could help people with directions….

    It will offer me a whole new dimension.

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