Last night’s torrent of abuse

As I was cycling home last night, a passenger stuck his head out and yelled “Get a car, it’s quicker”.

Sigh, some people have No idea do they?


2 responses to “Last night’s torrent of abuse

  1. Probably just Jealous,never bothered to learn how to Cycle when they were Young and now has a big Stomach and cant Cycle now even if they wanted to.
    Or else they are annoyed by all the Cyclists on the Road demanding better facilities. The better the Infrastructure for Cyclists the more Barriers are put in Motorists way to Speed along the Road.They will not be let Domineer the Road anymore. At least that is what they are thinking. In reality there is a very bad Infrastructure in these Islands for Cyclists and any little improvement is given with a grudge from Motorist Dominated Councils. But all of them in spite of Cyclists being nice friendly People Motorists still fear them and some Hurl Abuse whether Verbally or worse at Cyclists.

  2. It was a typical teenager, thinking a car is King, and thinking cyclists are scum. Still, they won’t get women with their fat pot bellies and hoodlem lifestyle

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