Cameron Gags Tory Candidates

Cameron doesn’t think that his own Tory candidates have the right to free speech so he has put a gagging order on them to avoid loads of gaffes before the election. Clearly he doesn’t trust his own kind and neither do we.

This is an excerpt from today’s Daily Torymail:

“David Cameron has ordered his party’s candidates to submit their online utterances for vetting.

The strict edict issued to every Tory candidate across the country covers updates on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as Internet blogs and websites.

The move aims to cut the number of gaffes in the run-up to the General Election when would-be MPs will face intense scrutiny.”

I would like to say my blog is unvetted by anyone other than me.

Power to Freedom of Speech! No to Tory gagging orders!

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