‘Proportional Fines’ Speeding yob fined £180,000

An excerpt from from the London Cycling Campaign:

“A man driving a Ferrari through a Swiss town at 35mph over the speed limit has received a record-breaking fine of £180,000.

The fine was so large because because the country uses a proportional system of punishments, and the offender is a multi-millionaire.

The 53-year-old man drove through a 50mph speed zone at 85mph in St Gallen, a town in the north-east of Switzerland, near the border with Austria and Germany.

Fine was increased twice on appeal

Proportionate fines exist in certain circumstances in the UK: for instance, companies found guilty of financial misconduct can receive fines proportional to their wealth”

I think it’s common sense to have a fine proportionate to the yob’s wealth. Considering the number of lawyers, judges, and overpaid footballers killing people, smashing up things and completely flouting road safety with their ‘I don’t-give-a-damm-about-anyone else attitude’ that something like this needs to be done in this country. Perhaps London can have a trial run.

It is not just speeding yobs that need to have a ‘Superfine’ but businessmen and women using mobile phones whilst driving need to have a proportionate fine too, and perhaps attach it to ‘the company’ vicariously, after all, the company is employing them. Why stop at speeding? Why not red light jumpers too?

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