What to do with old tellies

I have got this big telly which hasn’t been used as it is broken, but I don’t watch too much anyway (too much anti-cyclist celebrity cooks on it) but being a cyclist I can’t shift it. I suppose the Council could take it away but the thing is it would work if someone could fix it and it would be a waste for it to go a dump and be unethical too. I could freecycle it but would anyone want a broken telly?


3 responses to “What to do with old tellies

  1. I suppose you could ask in a Television Shop if they would be interested in taking it.

    Over here there is the WEE Legislation from the EU that if you get a New Electrical item you can get them to take your Old Appliance,that is the normal way to get rid of stuff. Other than that you can get the Council to take it.

  2. Yes I was told about that, but didn’t realise it applies to tellies.

    But does anyone know what they do with them?

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