Singing & Cycling

Do you sing whilst cycling? Well, I do providing a) there are no pedestrians b) in the countryside. c) late at night d) when there are no other cyclists about.

It’s great, and you have no one giving you filthy looks too.

This is a video by Thomase1 on Youtube. He wants cyclists to post their best Singing & Cycling videos:-

2 responses to “Singing & Cycling

  1. He is a bit of a Hummer and Whistler like most of us when we are trying to remember a Song. I think he was Singing that Song that goes like this,I only know bits of it myself,

    Casey was Loaded di di di de di de and the Band played on

    I liked the bit at the End best When the Moon Hit’s your Eye like a nice piece a Pie that’s Amore.

    I sometimes Sing that Song

    As I walked along the Bois Boulogne with an Independant Air,

    Hear all the Gel’s declare,isnt he that Millionaire,
    Di de do dah da da they winked their Eye Etec Etc
    Isnt he the one who broke the Banc De Monte Carlo.
    I usually just Hum the Rest as I dont know it.

    We are the Champions,of the World the Queen Song

    I want to Ride my Bicycle.

    Liverpool Lu

    The Wild Mountain Tyme

    I sing on the Bicycle without bothering who is listening when I am in a good mood which means any time I am Riding along on my Bicycle. Especially if I am on the Coast or in Parkland or down the Country.

  2. I think cycling by the coast is absolutely perfect for singing.

    Perhaps cyclists should get together emasse (sp?) for one good singsong.

    Sometimes I just make things up as I go along.

    I have just Twittered the Mayor of London and asked him if he sings and cycles too. Will report the response.

    I have also found The Singing Cyclists online and on cycling weekly, they sing Rugby songs

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