The Virtual Revolution

I watched The Virtual Revolution on BBC iplayer (which is a series) and it was about how powerful social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are and how the internet can ‘bring down countries’ like Estonia.

It was fascinating to see how Governments aren’t always able to control the public by closing down internet sites. For example, in Iran, communication managed to somehow get through via Twitter.

As the mainstream press and internet media carry on dishing out lies and celebrity dross, they have been pushing people away.

Remember how hard it was to get a letter in the Times – you often have to have a job ‘at the top’ to get a letter in and of course, you have to say ‘Right Wing things’ to keep the Editor happy or write about a bleedin’ sparrow in your garden.

From a cyclist’s point of view, we hardly got any press, particularly women. Things have improved although there is still a long way to go. But, we are getting there.

With the internet, oad safety is really taking off, things are changing, many roads are now 20mph. Good ideas are spreading round the internet. Even the lycra brigade are getting involved. We may think that we are ‘one person against the system’, but it is not just us, it is the world. We may not necessarily be ‘in the minority’ after all – the minority ‘could be millions globally’.

Another good things is to discuss what the Council are doing or not doing cycling wise and again, before the internet, you just had a letter in the paper, often ‘edited’. If you were lucky or you wrote a letter to them but nothing happened. Again, that could be a real hurdle. With the internet we can now have more freedom, and minorities and people who don’t tow the ‘party line’, can have a say. And cranks like me too lol.

The internet is a powerful tool to improve cycling and we have seen how many good videos there are of bad driving. People can’t deny it, but of course there are those who say ‘it’s fake’.

Either way, we are in a Virtual Revolution, I am glad to be part of it, even in a small way. We just need to remember that we have a powerful tool and good stuff could happen.


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