I was walking on the pavement with my bike, the patch of road I was on was too dangerous to cycle on, even though it is regarded as a 40mph B road.

It had rained earlier but one motorist, failing to notice puddles completely engulfed me in water. A whole bucket of manky cold water went over me. Of course the motorist failed to stop and apologise. A hit and run Splashmonster.

I just wished I could chuck a bucket of water (preferably scalding) over him, or at the very least ‘somewhere private’.

2 responses to “Downpour!

  1. That means either he did not care or he did not see the Pool of Water or you walking by. If the Water was that bad there must have been an awful lot of it and he must have seen it or else he was distracted ,meaning he was not watching where he was going.

    Either way he was breaking the Law by not Driving with due care and attention,he failed to slow down so you would not be drowned.

    It is a pity his Car did not Conk out with the Water going on his Engine. I have heard of a case when this happened where a Motorist splashed Water on Pedestrians at a bus stop and he Conked out Yards away from them. He got a good Earbashing from the Peds and the Police were called and he was charged and Fined. If the People were Younger he might have got beaten up.

  2. Yes, unfortunately this car didn’t conk out, if it did, I would be the first to get the reg no and take a photo of him and stick him on youtube.

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