London: One cyclist killed, 2 injured today

An excerpt from the SE1 website today:

“Cyclist killed in Tower Bridge Road lorry collision

A male cyclist was killed in a collision with a truck on Tuesday morning at the corner of Tower Bridge Road and Druid Street. Police were called at about 9.30am to reports of a collision between a lorry and a cyclist.

A male cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the truck, operated by Ron Smith Recycling of Feltham, stopped at the scene.”

This is what they say on their website:

“Ron Smith Recycling Ltd is a well established family run business with 25 years experience in recycling and waste disposal we have our own Licensed Waste Transfer Station using the latest waste separation systems. We are based at Feltham Middlesex which enables us to service most of inner London and the surrounding counties. Not only do we provide waste disposal and recycling services but we also build and manufacture waste separation systems which we have installed in various waste transfer stations throughout London. We aim to recycle 80% of waste produced and are constantly looking at ways of improving as we believe recycling is the way forward to a green cleaner environment.

We have built a good relationship with our customers we know and understand how important reliability and service is to them. We pride ourselves on providing a professional fast efficient service and understanding our customer’s requirements. We have a team of experienced advisors who are committed in helping you solve all your waste disposal needs, whilst being competitive on price. Our entire fleet of vehicles are radio controlled and tracked so we can communicate and see exactly where our vehicles are at all times, enabling us to deliver a first class service.”

Yes, a first class service? And they kill a cyclist in the process.

Their contact details are:

Ron Smith Recycling Ltd
St. Albans Farm
Staines Road
TW14 0HH


We are awaiting more info on the others.

I have contacted the Mayor of London for his comments. If he replies, I will report it here for everyone to see.

This is very sad news. RIP to the cyclist. Let’s hope it isn’t the cyclist ‘I know’ on Youtube, who regularly cycles along there.

I will be cycling along this road on Valentines Day and put some flowers up.

3 responses to “London: One cyclist killed, 2 injured today

  1. Another bad mark against Mr Boris Johnson’s Fantabulously Excellent Cycling Infrastructure that he is always Bragging about. All the Beautiful Cycling Superhighways which in Reality are just Painted Lines on the Road. No meaningfull Improvements to Cycling Infrastructure at all.

    They have got to Bite the Bullet and Restrict those Lorries,either Bar them completely or else Restrict their Movements.

    Another Cyclist Sacrificed in Order not to Discomode the Motorists in any way,just keep the Traffic moving and dont upset the Motorists.

    My Condolences to the Family of the Cyclist who got killed,this could be avoided very easily if they brought in decent Cycling Infrastructure.

  2. As a human being who cycles i am of course deeply saddened by the death of another human (cyclist or not) but am rather concerned with the fact that we are talking about the company as if they have sent their driver out to mow down a cyclist. Untill proven otherwise this is a terrible and tragic accident and blaming anyone but the awful cycling infrastructure in London just seems like a witch hunt to me. I am sure the last thing on the drivers mind when he got up to do a days work was to be involved in a horrific incident such as this one, now he has to live with the death of a man for the rest of his life. I have seen the effect this can have on someone and i am quite sure this man will not get in another lorry for the rest of his life, therefore losing his livelihood as well as having the death of another human on his conscience untill the day he dies. So please rather than blaming the company, the driver or the cyclist can we just reflect on the terrible suffering of our fellow man!

  3. His employers should have a duty to get their drivers to drive carefully and they should provide cyclist friendly mirrors.

    I have written a new blog post on this subject.

    We all are human and make errors or even do something deliberately but we can learn from it.

    Maybe he can give road safety talks. Then it will hit home to other people.

    If I killed someone, I would do that, I would have learned the hard way. I have given talks myself about various things I have experienced, and personal experience, even the horrible things, can be excellent for public speaking and it can help other people. It is not for everyone, but difficult experiences are very powerful educational and preventative tool.

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