I couldn’t believe it this morning but it appears that my workplace will be getting the Guardian every day. Let’s hope so. We normally get the Times and Daily Tory/Hatemail. Unfortunately we still get these.

The Guardian is running some free ’21st century’ language supplements, one being Hindi, and another being Russian. In Toryworld, we usually have the ‘usual French or Italian supplements for Tories, visiting their holiday villa or villas). But in the real world in the UK, we need other languages.

Even suffering and living in Toryland and off and on living in East London, I need Hindi. In Kent, I need it in the workplace. I need to get on with my colleagues who don’t always have English as a first language. Let’s hope that the Guardian will have a Polish supplement too). East London is rife with people with different languages but I have never needed German there.

I met someone in Leytonstone who couldn’t speak much English and he needed directions to Leyton. He was not German, Italian or French. But I could have done with a smattering of Hindi.

We have some Russians over here but the Guardian’s supplement is only coming tomorrow. Really, the Guardian must get their act together. I couldn’t ‘wow’ them and say ‘Goodbye’ as they left. Still another colleague of mine is Russian and the only way I can communicate with her is by waving of hands or using Babelfish online. It would be a lot easier if people would learn some basic English before they come here, but in the real world, that’s not happening.

Just one thing, my boss has snatched the copy, she wants to learn some basic Hindi too.


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