Sexist 50p coin – And a Boycott

I think the new Olympic coin is bloomin’ sexist. It represents a sexist Britain. And it stinks.

As a cyclist, we are supposed to think ‘wow, they are actually putting a bike on a coin’, well, yes that is certainly something, but the design is unsuitable for the modern day Olympics, after all, women cyclists were in it too. It fails to represent half the population of cyclists – women.

I will boycott the coin and ask for the shops to give me a different form of change instead.

From roadcc:-

“A teenager’s design featuring a cyclist in a velodrome has been accepted as the new face of an Olympics-inspired 50p coin.

Theo Crutchley-Mack, 16, from Halifax was delighted to learn that his design had been chosen from 5,000 entries by the Royal Mint.

Up to three million of the new coins will be released into circulation later this year.

“Just the thought of my design going throughout England and millions of people seeing my design, that’s just absolutely amazing, I can’t think of much better than that,” Theo told the BBC.

Dave Knight, head of commemorative coins at the Royal Mint, explained why the design had been chosen. “It’s a very good design,” he said, “and it is technically very proficient. He has really captured the essence of speed and cycling in general.”


3 responses to “Sexist 50p coin – And a Boycott

  1. Badly thought out and planned,this should have been thrashed out before decisions were made to Mint this Coin. As usual they probably never discussed anything with the various Cycling Organisations to get there opinion on this.

    The solution before minting this is to design another Coin with a Woman Cyclist on it and Issue both Coins simultaneousely. It would be unfair to reject this young Chaps Design altogether so his and another Design should be Issued.

  2. Agree, they probably never discussed it with cyclists for a start. This was never mentioned in any cycling magazines either. I could have put have something in. It is not a particularly original design. They could have least put something original in. Good idea about reissuing another one with with a woman, that make sense. They better get cracking as 2012 is 2 years away.

  3. I suppose you could contact the Women’s Cycling Organisations and tell them you were put out by the Design not Representing Women as well and could they make a complaint and try and get it redesigned or at least two designs issued simultaneousely. There is still time to Highlight this before Money is spent on it.

    You could also get in touch with your Equality Agency in Britain and complain to them and ask their opinion.

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