Commission-hungry Chainy Bike Shop Reptile

That’s it. I HAD IT with these Bike Shop Rip off Merchants

For Christmas -well, it was a late present actually (snow buggered up things), I had arranged to get some bike lights (decent ones).

So my friend with a budget of £40 (to which the bike shop reptile knew) sold us a bike light for a whopping £60 – he had convinced us that it was very powerful.

We had been shopping and it was getting dark and late, and we didn’t have our bike tools with us (well, we were shopping, and not going on some epic ride) and we didn’t want to get oil and muck and whathaveyou), so we asked him if he could fit them on. Silence. Then he said we can do it for a ripoff labour charge of £9 (that’s the price of a couple of chinese eat-as-much-as-you-can-buffets for two (or even a Valentine’s meal!)) or perhaps sponsoring a dog for half a year. £9 is much more than the minimum wage for an hour and it is much more than a cinema ticket in the provincials). So it meant ‘I don’t want to do it, I can’t be ar*ed’, you do it” .Considering the bike lights cost £59 for two which is fairly pricey and the shop was empty, he couldn’t be bothered to fit do it. I go to a second hand bike shop sometimes and that guy never charges to put on lights! (unfortunately he wasn’t open).

Well, we flatly refused. (the bike shop reptile was probably estastic about that (unfortunately). So I had to walk home without lights, mostly on the pavement because mine were cr*p). Women’s safety comes at a price. He was probably a Tory, with no conscience.

£70 for two pairs of bike lights.Yes, we wanted one quickly, didn’t want to faff around on the internet even though it was cheaper. Bike shop salesmen always say ‘oh if you use the internet it isn’t good quality etc etc and all that guff) and when you DO use them, they try and fleece you. No wonder their chainy shops are closing down.To be honest, I think we paid for the lights – in shock. It was awful as it was a present, and my friend only had so much. I had offered to pay for some of it, but he had refused.

I wonder how much these labour charges are round the country, how do they vary? Maybe I will ring a few bike shops.

Then the Bike Shop Reptile of Cha iny Bike Company failed to even ask if my friend had a CTC discount?Nah, that was ‘conveniently forgotten’. Funny that, folks.

To top it all, and this really knocked me for six, Commission-hungry Bike Sea Serpent said ‘is there anything else?’

I am now thing of creating a Ripped off by Bike Shops.

Other people may have been happy to pay for it but £9 is steep. I mean, how long does it take to fix both lights on – what a whole hour? Isn’t there a ‘British standard?’

This shop may not have my custom in the future and I have been a customer for years.

4 responses to “Commission-hungry Chainy Bike Shop Reptile

  1. £60 that is very dear plus a further £9 would be outrageous.Should have refused to buy them considering you had to walk Home in the end.

    Moral of the piece always carry some tools you never know when you might need them. One time I slipped and the Bike fell on it’s side and a break Lever was pressed sideways and because I had Tools with me I could fix it. All I had to do was press it back in position and tighten it with an Allen Key.

    I hate Bike Lights that you have to undo Screws to open it when replacing Batteries. I have been caught out in the Dark on a Country Road in Pitch Darkness and having to change Batteries,very awkward using a Coin to unscrew the thing. Best to have a spare Light with you to clip on your Bike.

    If the Bike man would not fix your Lamp on for you I would tell him I was not coming back to his Shop in future. If he laughed I would tell him he is losing out on Potential Bike purchases in future and you will also be warning your Friends and Bike Organisations about the bad Service.

    This is the reason why I prefer Dynamo’s on Bikes they are always there.

  2. Yes, I think I ought to have some tools. I had a problem today when my bungee got stuck in the wheels and I couldn’t get it off. I had to cut it off with a pair of scissors but it is still jammed so I had to change bikes. But having a tool kit just means more things to lose and my bag is more heavy. But yes, this is something I really ought to do!

  3. ‘Name and Shame’, please! I’m sick of this nonsense, too. My, once, all time favourite bicycle shop ‘Mosquito Bikes’ from whom I have bought 4 (hybrid) bicycles over the span of 8 years and have sent 2 friends to buy their bikes there, have lost my business for good because of things like this. After having to ‘beg’ for a punctured tyre to be replaced (and offering to buy a whole new continental tyre to compensate them for ‘their time’) , the final straw for me was overhearing another female cyclist asking to borrow the air pump. The response: ‘we no longer give out free air because someone stole the last pump’. Since then, I have not bothered them again. (And those are only two examples of how badly they’ve let down the very people who support their business. I’m now stuck with Cycle Surgery, but as soon as I find a great shop that value loyal customers, I’m on it.

  4. I am not surprised at this attitude at all. It stinks. So much so, I have started a new blog

    I am pleased to say that I have discovered that the cycle sales man did RIP me off. I even checked with their HQ lol

    And I discovered that Halfords only charge £2.99 for labour costs for putting on lights not £9. Luckily we do have a Halfords in town.

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