Hurry up – let’s have the Law Changed

In Europe, motorists take responsibility for a cyclist’s death, in the UK, we don’t. A lorry is a lethal weapon. Over there, a lorry driver would get the blame for mowing down a cyclist. How many lorry drivers have been killed by cyclists?

As for Ron Smith Recycling. You only have to see their website on to see that their ‘mirrors’ are inadequate. Or should I get a magnifying class to see them? I suppose as they aren’t legal, the company ‘could get away with it’. We have got to make those compulsory.

My brother worked in Health & Safety in Lorry Transport and those mirrors cost a fortune, especially as the drivers keep smashing them because of their bad driving. Yes, they do cost. But does the company want bad PR with all the cyclists they have killed?

Having been in a lorry with the police, I know how useful these side mirrors are. Ron Smith Recycling doesn’t even have a mirror in the front to that they say see cyclists on ASLs. Are they cost cutting? And now a cyclist has paid with his life. One person has lost his life, the other hasn’t. One person won’t have grandkids or go cycling ever again, maybe he had a wife or partner, maybe he had exciting plans. All gone.

Yes, for drivers, it is their livelihood, that’s why they have to be extra careful, and they should all get cyclist awareness training and badger their employers to get proper mirrors. Even with cyclist awareness training, I have met lorry drivers who sped past me, completely oblivious to my safety. Lorry drivers should drive when it is less busy, such as at night or after 10am when a lot of cyclists and pedestrians are in offices. Why can’t they recycle at a quieter time? Lorry drivers are used to odd shifts.

As I have said, the UK laws concerning these type of accidents are ********, but maybe one say it will be changed.

If I get crushed by a car or lorry, I will get a friend to carry on writing my blog (well for a while on my behalf from ‘the grave’. I will say I was wearing a helmet and ….. we should have the same laws as Europe, then I will have justice’. I wouldn’t want it to be passed off as an ‘accident’.

In two day’s time I will be going to the same place. Will it me next? With the lack of mirrors, I will try and avoid Ron Smith Recycling trucks like the plague.

2 responses to “Hurry up – let’s have the Law Changed

  1. Please check your facts, i have been in contact with Ron Smith Recycling and have seen the companies lorries first hand (as i live locally to them) and can assure that their vehicles are fitted with all the correct mirrors. The pictures from the website are older pictures and i was told that since their operations had stretched into the centre of London, all lorries were fitted with mirrors!! Again lets just stop the witch hunt and mourn the loss of a fellow cyclist!

  2. If they have cycling friendly mirrors they should use these to promote their business instead of providing people with out-of-date information. And if they had cycling mirrors how did this accident happen? Why couldn’t he see the cyclist in broad daylight?

    As I have said, the law is wrong in this country.

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