Police not investigating collision with cyclist as ‘No Reg Number’

I saw this comment in the South London Press in relation to the cyclist mown (or ‘merely trapped’) under the lorry:

“When my girlfriend was knocked off her bike by a lorry in busy traffic she reported it to the police. The form they gave her said they would not investigate unless she had the full registration number of the lorry. As she had just been knocked off by a hit and run driver, unsurprisingly she failed to get the number. Well done Lambeth Police. ”

This is exactly what I had when someone chucked a glass bottle at me from a car. I couldn’t get the reg number because I had to protect myself. I don’t exactly want to ‘face the glass bottle with my eyes’, and it was a shock anyway. There was no CCTV either. And there were no independent witnesses at that time of night.

Just how many cyclists are getting justice just because they were ‘unable to see the Reg No?’

When I went to the opticians yesterday, one thing I did get was a new set of contact lenses and I hope I can see Reg Nos from a distance better. Still, it will impossible to get the Reg No anyway, particularly if motorists are speeding etc. Fortunately most of my ride was on a cycle path.


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