This Blog: What people are reading.

Every so often I read my stats to see what people are interested in.

All lot of them tend to be reading ‘morbid’ subjects like cyclist deaths and whopping insurance payouts. The ratings skyrocked with the ‘cyclist pay out’ post – readers perhaps being cyclists and motorists.

I like to think that motorists will read that post and be more wary of injuring cyclists. It would be interesting to read of cyclists who have been injured by lorries receiving massive payments too.

But I also think it is important for cycling magazine to have Court pages, a legal page if you like, instead of patchy ‘two paragraph’ articles every three months or so, which has more detail.

I am a huge fan of law reports, they aren’t always easy to get of, but if I find a way, I will publish some legal posts on here. I will also look out for claims put on the web by bike insurance specialists. I have only come up with Leigh & Day so far.

Looking at my stats, there is a ‘netvibes referral’, no idea what that is, so I had a look at the website’s decription:

“Welcome to netvibes,your personalized startpage!

Netvibes is a free web service that brings together your favorite media sources and online services.

Everything that matters to you — blogs, news, weather, videos, photos, social networks, email and much more — is automatically updated every time you visit your page.”

It probably means Big Brother is regularly monitoring me:-)


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