New Bike Blog: When Bike Shops Go Bad

Due to the fact that I feel that I am being ripped off by ‘cycling friendly’ bike shops and being treated more like a ‘wad of money’ that a fellow customer and cyclist, I have started a new (the link is also under the links on the right under ‘My Cycling Blogs’.

Cycling mags rarely say that there are any problems with bike shops – after all they need them to fork out for their ads.

I am pleased to say that I rang up the HQ of theb bike shop and they confirmed that I have been overcharged ie ripped off. They have asked me to send them an email and they will forward it to the regional manager. The bike shop failed to charge the standard rate for putting on the bike lights contrary to their own organisation’s policy.

The HQ said they were sending out to all their bike shops the latest prices of their labour costs.

What I haved learn from this is perhaps to keep the telephone no of the Bike Co HQ handy.. and ring them at the time!

3 responses to “New Bike Blog: When Bike Shops Go Bad

  1. Your new blog address above is wrong, it should be (it is correct in the column on the left)

  2. Just fixed it, I hope

  3. You have indeed. Now if only I could tell my left from my right 🙂

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