More on Valentines at Tower Bridge

Actually it was quite nice being away on top of a bridge, away from all the bad drivers. It was strange not to be feeling ‘on edge’ and ‘looking over your shoulder’. I felt quite safe and secure there, odd really. I didn’t feel dizzy at all and I am glad there wasn’t a glass floor!

We even had pink champagne and chocolates. I am not much of a drinker so I am afraid I left half of it. People assume that ‘all of us drink like fish’. I didn’t want to make a scene so didn’t mention it.

We only had one chocolate each which was a bit mean but on the whole the colours were lovely and there was jazz as well. It was nicely done and it wasn’t really tacky. It was really odd climbing up the stairs with loads of couples, some happy, some grumpy as they wheezed up the stairs (probably motorists).

There was also a brilliant exhibition with the history of Tower Bridge and pictures of amazing bridges round the world.

I love bridges. There is something about them. Did you know that Tower Bridge was nearly going to have glass round it and it could have had a round bridge?

It was so good, I think I want to spend more time at Tower Bridge, and read the history properly or else I may get a book on it.

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