Just received a message from an HGV Driver

“I was looking at a video from the met police about cyclists and lorries, i noticed your comment about reporting bad drivers.
I do recommend that you do report them, i myself am a HGV Driver and i drive all over including london.
Now the numbers you may see on the trailers are useful unless its low loader or flat bed but do use them, normally if it doesnt have a number or anything on the trailer or just the companies name say 3663 take the reg and time and google it.

Normally or well its a legal requirement that operators details must be on the vehicle somewhere something VOSA seems to over look, you normally find them on the cab doors so have a look there, failing that if you can get near the window screen have a look for a blue or green disc in the screen its the same size as a tax disc and is normally below or above it on the same side, its the operators licence if the lorry has no markings then that disc will tell you everything.

If it doesnt have one of them and no markings take the reg phone the police and get out of its way without the disc on display its not insured and it is a criminal offence not to have it displayed. “


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