Retiring at 68?

This is my worst nightmare! I am still thinking about this.

I can’t think of anything worse than retiring at 68. I honestly don’t think jobs will even be available then. I think what I will do, is fall down the stairs or something, and claim incapacity benefit (unless they stop that!). Some people in certain countries break their legs to get benefits, maybe I should do the same? Of course at 67 I may end up sick and the boss will be demanding I go to work. Then I could get sacked.. and signing on at 67 is ridiculous. Older people will be treated with indignity at the Job Centre too.

When I retire, I want to do voluntary work, and do something with ‘meaning’. I have not had any time off from work with loads of kids, never any sabbatical, in fact, I feel a SLAVE to some capitalist boss! I don’t go on expensive holidays either.

I mean, at 68 years of age, I just hope I can get on my bike. If not, my pavement has no drop kerb, so I have to use the main road to go to work.

Why can’t we cut down on spending on the NHS ie stop shelling out money for drunks who waste our NHS money?! and famillies who spend their child benefits on drink, drugs and plasma tvs? and get rid of the Royals, they cost enough.


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