I still haven’t seen any snowdrops. Maybe I will take a longer route to work and see if I can spot any. Spring doesn’t officially start until I see them.


One response to “Snowdrops

  1. Over here in Dublin Spring has definitely Sprung ,there is Snowdrops a Blooming and the Daffs are starting to Yellow and are Blooming in some Gardens. I have Snowdrops growing merrily away in my Garden front and back. The Cold Weather has come back a small bit with bits of Snow on high Ground in the Mountains,but it is quiet pleasant at around 4-7Celsius in the Day time,

    We are never quiet as Cold as Britain,I got some Poultry Manure and Plants the other Day and put down my Potatoe’s. I have Cabbage Plants down since September,I bought 12 and 9 survived the Snails and my Garlic Plants are thriving.

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