Fed up with Sunday Cycling in Toxic London?

Try cycling in Bermuda, vitually empty roads and beautful scenery, with a bunch of mates.

This is what make cycling fun. Sometimes I completely forget that cycling can actually be like this.

Though there are palm trees in Brixton, Sunday cycling is pretty hellish with the early morning drink drivers, unpredictable druggies and the occasional airgun crossfire. We are constantly ‘on edge’. We probably don’t realise how streetwise we’ve had to become.

Here’s a video of a group of cyclists enjoying a great ride:

I want to book a One Way Ticket.


One response to “Fed up with Sunday Cycling in Toxic London?

  1. It is very nice there,I think I saw 37 on the Motorbike Clock. Was it MPH or KPH must be Kilometres interesting. I dont think I can look at it again to find out.

    Over here in Dublin it is nice Cycling around the City on a Sunday Morning ,nice and quiet. However in the Evening time in the City Centre it can get Hectic in certain Areas like O ‘Connell Street and Dame Street especially on the South side of the City. Also if there are Football Matches on in Croke Park or the Soccer Stadiums.
    During the Weekdays it is actually quite pleasant when it is off Peak Hours but Horrendous during rush Hour in Morning and Evening.

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