My other blog: Cycling Poetry

My bicycle poetry blog ( has had a mention in the Hungry Cyclist:

I had put in a few poems in the blog by some other bike poets but some I made up myself. However, never mind all that, this is what The Hungry Cyclist had to say:

“I have just had the good fortune to stumble into a small blog dedicated to bicyclepoetry.
Scrolling down through the rhythmical words, metaphorical verses, and perfect examples of meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure I founds this work by Hino Hinesy a fellow London Cyclist

Reading the other works on the page it is clear that travel by bike lends itself perfectly to writing poetry. The methodical rhythm of pedalling combined with the arousal of ones senses as you move freely through scenes of beauty and vulgarity make for some great works.

So do you have any cycle related poetry to share here on The Hungry Cyclist? If so do add your words below. Once I have finished my breakfast I am going to pen a little ode to the joys of stuffing your face after a long day in the saddle so watch this space”.


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