I bought some more flowers bulbs for the garden just before everyone goes and swipes the lot. I bought some lupins which grow twice a year and you ‘can forget about them’. I think I have a ‘pound shop garden’.

Needless to say I also bought some bike stuff so I got a small first aid kit just in case I fall flat on my face. I think it is more useful for my morning headache tablets as I haven’t fallen in years.

The other day I got some tools so that will please a few OCD cyclists. They are Girly Pink (gross but better than black).I am trying to be organised for once. I am not very good at carrying boring practical stuff but 2010 is the New Me. Now I just need some allen keys to complete the tool kit. However, are carrying screwdrivers illegal in East London? You never know these days with knife crime but has anyone heard of ‘screwdriver crime?’ I am also wary of how to carry them, I don’t want to find that if I do fall, they get poked in my eye. I think I need a bike tool kit for the back of my bike, maybe a nice girly one if they exist. Actually a nice green one would be good, or even a red one, none of this vile Pinkstinx stuff.

Then I bought another canvas for my art class tomorrow. How will I carry it? I think I need a ‘zipped up portfolio/art bag’, something that I can carry on my bike. I have seen them but they are in the region of £80, but whether I can cycle with them is another thing. I suppose they are designed for walkers. I don’t understand why they are so expensive. I think I need to spend a bit of time looking for one of these.

I think it is Critical Mass this Friday and I have Friday evening off. Beam. May think about going. I would go like a shot but I have to think of what bf wants to do too, there’s three in the relationship, me, the bike and bf. If really is bucketing down, I doubt it.

2 responses to “Shopping

  1. Always handy to have some Tools with you,I was down in Kerry one Year in Killarney and in the National Park with my Bike. I was stopped by a Man with his Young Daughter,she had fallen off her Bike and the Handlebars was bent sideways.He could see I was using my own Bike with Panniers and not a Hired one so asked me could I fix the Handlebars. I had a look and saw I would need an Allen Key which I had with me together with Ordinary Spanners and Puncture Kit. I was able to straighten the Bars and they went happily on their way. On another occasion it happened to me ,I slipped off the Bike and it bent the Bars so I was able to fix them.

    The Portfolio Case,you can get cheap White Polypropolyne Art Cases in the Shops. They would not be as strong as the Canvas Art Bags but would do you until you could afford something dearer. The only problem is what size Canvas you carry,18”+20” inch is about the biggest size you could carry on a Bike without it causing problems slung over your Shoulder with Straps holding it on. What would you do if the Paint was wet ,how would you get it Home. Maybe if you had a Basket or a wide Carrier on the front of your Bike to carry your Artwork.

    The Critical Mass,the Weather is very Cold and possibility of Snow or Rain might be called off. We are having Critical Mass here on Friday People are Advertising it in the City. The last few around Christmas and January nobody turned up for it.

  2. Re CM – it is not looking good at the moment…

    Well, my canvas are large and but they are ok to put on the back on the rack. Just need to find a way to put them on. I could always use loads of plastic bags. I may have a look in the pound shop, you never know. Art shops stuff cost a fortune.

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