Bad Driving: It has come to this!

Kids in a school in Kent are speak to nuisance drivers giving them a lesson in road safety at an enterprising school fed up with dangerous driving and crap parking.

Maybe this idea can be spread throughout the whole country. Let’s hope they also say, ‘go by bike and stop polluting the environment’.

I expect the parents will complain….’I was humiliated’.. and all that guff.

“PUPILS from Charles Darwin School have been giving drivers a lesson in road safety.

The students, from the school council, along with police officers from the Darwin Safer Neighbourhood Team, stopped parents who were collecting their children as they drove into the school grounds.

They handed them a letter asking them to refrain from parking in and around the bus stop and the areas marked with yellow lines.

Recent incidents of inconsiderate parking have included cars blocking entrances and obstructing access to buses, causing traffic build-ups and jams and posing safety issues for pupils.

Approximately 40 drivers were stopped by police officers and spoken to by the pupils during the operation.

Pc Tim Garlick said: “Like many schools, the Charles Darwin School has an issue with some parents parking illegally and inconsiderately when they are dropping off or collecting their children.

“This is a hard-hitting campaign which will have added clout because the message is coming directly from the children.”


2 responses to “Bad Driving: It has come to this!

  1. So, illegal parking, and they get a strict speaking-to by a child, while a policeman stands nearby watching.
    Why not just book em?

  2. Yes, they could have done that well. The article failed to mention that. I can’t believe they did nothing.

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