‘SMIDSY’ – No bad driving excuses, get a Eye Test

I said to Bicyclelaw on Twitter that drivers were still not ‘seeing cyclists’ despite them even even wearing Hi-Viz so are motorists driving blind?

I suggested that they need compulsory eye tests so it is their own responsibility. They shouldn’t use that pathetic ‘excuse’ ‘Sorry Mate I didn’t See You There’. Of course, they were probably speeding like a lunatic and the cyclist, or pedestrian, just was a blur…. speeding is another thing but saying ‘SMIDSY’ is a loads of crap particularly when the driver should be able to see a Hi-Viz cyclist right in front of him in broad daylight without dodgy tinted windows and if they were driving slower.

But interesting enough, I have never read any articles of magistrates ordering drivers to take an eye test, after a SMIDSY/Hi-Viz smash.

Anyway, here is what I received on Twitter, something they are thinking about in New Jersey:-

“By The Star-Ledger Continuous News Desk
February 08, 2010, 6:28AM

Officials at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and Division of Highway Traffic Safety are exploring enforcement of a 1977 law requiring regular vision testing for licensed drivers, according to a report in The Daily Record.

The report said the calls for testing every 10 years, but officials are also considering syncing a testing requirement with regular drivers license renewals. Under existing procedures, the state tests drivers’ eyesight when they first get a license and in certain cases involving medical conditions.


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